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Rigorous Course Work

Here is a list of the curriculum used by First Baptist Christian School.

K4 Program

Saxon Pre-Kindergarten curriculum teaches letters and sounds, numbers and number concepts, concepts of season, holidays, and manners, as well as other important pre-school concepts.

BJU Bible teaches the Pre-Kindergarten child Bible stories and applications for their lives.

Elementary (K-6th grade)

BJU Bible provides a systematic plan for increasing Biblical knowledge while connecting Bible events with historical events. It teaches students their need of Christ as personal Savior and encourages Christ-likeness in their daily lives.

Saxon Math (K-2) promotes student success through the sound educational practices of incremental development and continual review. Third through sixth grades utilize the Ignitia curriculum in a Blended Learning environment.

BJU Reading produces confident, eager readers by emphasizing comprehension and developing phonics systematically. A variety of story types not only teach reading but encourage growth in Christian character as well.

BJU Spelling is a carefully planned, distinctively Christian program that presents spelling as a tool for communication and emphasizes reliable spelling generalizations.

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting is a curriculum that encourages development of neat, legible handwriting - both manuscript and cursive.

A Beka Language is a systematic, comprehensive grammar curriculum which teaches the structure and orderliness of language. It places strong emphasis on applying knowledge to writing and using words to express God's love to others.

The Ohio Adventure (published by Gibbs/Smith) delivers the required Ohio history content in an effective and inviting way, making history come alive.

A Beka Science provides a solid foundation in science which is soundly based on the Word of God and Christian principles.

Ignitia Elementary Spanish (3-6) is a beginner level inroductory course for the Spanish language.

Junior High (7th-8th grade)

Our Junior High school utilizes the completely Biblically-integrated Ignitia curriculum by Alpha Omega, delivered through a Blended Learning model. For more information regarding Blended Learning, click here.

Bible Class - "The Life of Christ from the Book of John" delivered traditionally utilizing the Positive Action curriculum.

Language Arts

History & Geography - including a special History group project each winter.


General Science I & II


Physical Education

American Literature

British Literature

Music Theory

Elementary & Secondary French

Elementary & Secondary Spanish

Ohio History

Story of the Constitution

Health Quest (7th)

High School (9th-12th grade)

Our High School utilizes the completely Biblically-integrated Ignitia curriculum by Alpha Omega, delivered through a Blended Learning model. For more information regarding Blended Learning, click here.

Bible Class - "Survey of Theology" delivered traditionally utilizing Ryrie's Basic Theology as a text.

Algebra I & II


Integrated Mathematics


Calculus (AP)


Consumer Math

Essentials of Math

General Science III

Earth Science




Family & Consumer Science

Integrated Physics & Chemistry

English I, II, III, & IV

Civics & World Geography

World History

American History

Government & Economics

American Literature

British Literature

Foundations for Living

World Geography

Vietnam Era

U. S. History (AP)

20th Century American History

Story of the Constitution

The Civil War


Spanish I & II

French I & II

Music Appreciation

Music Theory


Physical Education

Physical Fitness

Essentials of Business

Business Computer Info

Office Applications I & II

Small Business Entrepreneurship

Technology & Business

Fundamentals of Nursing

College Planner

Digital Arts

Concert Choir

Drama (traditional elective)

Family Living (traditional elective)

Speech (traditional required elective)

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