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Elementary Classroom

Pre-K Information

The Pre-K program is designed to give a sound, well-balanced education with the biblical Christian perspective. Our teachers are an extension of your family, and will teach the young child in the school in harmony with what they are taught at home. Christian school is important to give a strong start in the right direction.

Our Pre-K is a hands-on, developmentally-appropriate, theme-based, and biblically-integrated program. Children will be introduced to letters/phonics, number concepts, colors, and shapes. The curriculum will also include health, safety, manners and large and small motor skills developmental activities. A time of prayer and biblical instruction is included in each day's schedule. Children will be involved in role-playing, interest/learning centers, art, and music. The learning or interest centers will allow children to develop appropriate social skills. The academic portion of this program will be presented in the morning sessions. The program has been designed to prepare students to enter the Kindergarten program for the next school year.

Scheduling Options

  • Partial (MWF) or full week enrollment available
  • Half or Full-Day enrollment available

Admission Application Information

To apply for admission at FBCS, begin here.

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