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Fine Arts


We offer a 7th grade through 12th grade choir each year which participates in our Veterans Day program as well as performing in area local churches. The high school choir also has the opportunity to perform in other engagements that are scheduled throughout the year such as Women's VFW Hall, Senior Adult luncheon, CAVS National Anthem (Boys' Ensemble), and others.

Our elementary choir participates in our Veterans Day program in the fall, as well as an excellent Elementary Musical in the spring every year.


Besides our drama classes, which participates in our Veterans Day program as well as weekly chapels, we also offer a chance for high school students to participate in a Spring Play. Also, our elementary students have the opportunity to try out, rehearse, and perform in their very own Elementary Musical each spring.


Each of our elementary students is encouraged to express their artistic abilities in an art class each week. Students are given the chance to display their art for parents and peers. Third through sixth grade students participate in a once a month Art Club along with our Homeschool Cooperative students.

Our high-schoolers are encouraged to take different Art mini-electives as they are offered regularly, such as Paint-a-Plow (Ohio Dept. of Transportation), Papier Mache, Line Design, and more.

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